Pegasus API Documentation

Public API reference document for the Pegasus CIM Object Manager implementation.


version 1.01 30 October 2003, Pegasus 2.3

This document was produced on Mon 24 Oct 2005 22:00:16 BST .

This is a working document that contains the interfaces for the Pegasus CIM Server implementation. This is created by the OpenGroup Enterprise Management Program Group.

Within this document, you will find the following:

  • An introduction to the public APIs defined and used in Pegasus in the Introduction section.
  • A definition of the public APIs defined for the current version of Pegasus including
    • the client APIs Client Interfaces
    • The CIM Object Manager APIs (see Client Interfaces includng both the Pegasus object equivalent to the CIM Objects(see Client Interfaces and other server service APIs (Client Interfaces) that have been made public.
    • the APIs required by provider writers to create Pegasus C++ providers in section Providers.
    • Common term definitions (See Glossary).
    • Information on the status of these APIs (frozen, experimental, etc.).
    • Usage examples of many of the APIs with the defintions.

    This API documentation is not a tutorial on Pegasus or a developers guide.

    In addition to this documentation, Pegasus has a Users' Guide that specifies overview information and how to set up and install Pegasus. In addition to the manual, the README files contain specific information to aide you in when working with Pegasus and its documentation.

o Introduction
o Pegasus CIM Objects and Common Function APIs.
o Client Interfaces
o C++ Provider Interfaces
o Pegasus Server Indication Consumer
o Document References

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